“As I move into retirement, I want the freedom to have an active lifestyle without constantly worrying about the stock market or running out of money. Now I have peace of mind from a steady income stream.”

James S.

We have been savers out entire lives…annuities have worked wonders in our retirement years. We have been able to travel to different countries and help provide assistance to our grandchildren’s university education.

Frank New

For the last 14 years I have owned my own company and I am currently on plan to retire when I am 62. In 2008 we decided we were tired of losing so much money in the stock market, so we took a serious look at annuities. The peace of mind that I have with annuities is great.

Louise Bridges

I retired at age 62 after a 40-year career. In 2006 I was investing mostly for growth, but I realized after I retired that I didn’t want to take a lot of chances. The biggest feature that attracted us [about annuities] was that we could not lose money.

Dave Leaper