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Are FIAS Better Than Bonds?

March 1, 2021|

Securing your life after retirement can be overwhelming. And with bond yields being at such low levels, you may be wondering: what’s the best solution for your retirement plan? Although annuities have negative connotations, it just may be the saving grace of today’s retirement plan. According to economist Roger Ibbotson, “Bond returns in today’s historically low-interest-rate environment may be insufficient in meeting the anticipated retirement needs of U.S. Investors, potentially placing many at risk of outliving their retirement savings.” A fixed indexed annuity refers to a guaranteed contract that’s issued by an insurance company. These fixed insurance products protect [...]

Should You Consider FIAS For Retirement Income?

March 1, 2021|

The Current State of Planned Income You’ve worked hard your entire life to prepare for this day: retirement. Although you feel relieved, eager to begin your new life, and maybe nostalgic over your accomplishments thus far—you’re also feeling grave uncertainty. You’re wondering where you will get more income to pay bills and unexpected expenses. Not to mention you want to travel, maintain good healthcare, and still provide for your family. And at a time like this? During what is perceived as a similar financial crisis that occurred between 2007 and 2008. There’s a lot to consider right now. What’s [...]

8 Reasons Why Americans Invested Over $3 Trillion Into Annuities

March 1, 2021|

#1 Safety Insurance companies are forced to set aside $1 for every $1 invested into annuities. Banks fail many times because they take $1 and make $10 in loans that go bad. Annuities don’t do this. In addition, with Fixed and Fixed Index Annuities your money is never directly in the market, you cannot lose principal due to market losses. #2 Guaranteed For Life Annuities can fill in the gaps when social security, pensions, and other retirement accounts don’t provide enough retirement income. Annuities allow you to take a lump sum today and create a steady stream of income [...]

Why Do I Want A Fixed Indexed Annuity?

March 1, 2021|

Protection of my principal and gains! I do not have to worry about market ups and downs. I am not losing sleep worrying about outliving my retirement. I am able to participate in some of the market upswings but none of the downside. I am able to pass the account value directly to my beneficiary. I can get an income for the rest of my life. I do not have to pay high broker fees. My money will grow tax-deferred. Liquidity. I can draw up to 10% per year. SAFETY, SAFETY, SAFETY! Without question, safety is a top priority [...]

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