Marilyn Clark

Marilyn Clark

My name is Marilyn Clark, and I specialize in assisting Americans prepare financially for their retirement with the proper use of guaranteed annuities and life insurance. I assist clients all over the country in finding ways to generate more retirement income and to securely protect their money as well as grow it without risk. This work has kept me busy for more than 30 years and I find it a joy to serve others.

With each person we go through a process of discovery and consultations in order to reveal the underlying need whether it be setting up lifetime income streams, protecting the lifetime savings, IRA, 401k dollars from market risk, transferring wealth tax free to heirs and avoiding Probate at death plus more. I work with many insurance companies and those companies each specialize in a particular need. One size does not fit all. Some companies offer better income streams and some offer better potential growth without risk.

I like to educate, keep it simple and empower others so that when you make decisions, they are solid and right for you. The companies I represent guarantee your funds and never is a dollar at risk to downward market trends or losses. I don’t do cookie-cutter recommendations but I look at each individual’s situation before making recommendations.

I am strict on details and never pressure others in the decision making process. In 30 plus years I have never had a complaint from a client or an insurance company. This way of serving others lets me sleep at night because no one has their money at risk and therefore we can all sleep at night.
In my off hours, I ride my wonderful Andalusian gelding who is sweet, a good trail horse and a beautiful spirit as well. I believe if you treat a horse well and train him properly, he will always serve, and I feel horses teach humans how to be better people.

People do not always understand that if you build a relationship with a horse, he will trust you and you will trust him. It takes time and experience. It is that way with this work. Building relationships is key to trust and serving others at a high level. I like to let people know they can count on me and through our experience working together you will know what to expect form me in the way of honest, integrity, caring and service.

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Fax: 360.915.8598