Jeff Everson

Jeffrey Everson

Everson Wealth Management

As owner of Everson Wealth Management, Jeff is known for offering his clients a unique approach to retirement income planning.

Growing up, Jeff was the oldest child. His parents owned many businesses, and he was put to work early in life. Through his experiences, Jeff learned to be self sufficient and independent from a very young age.

Throughout Jeff’s life and career, his independence and entrepreneurial spirit have stayed with him and inspired him to help others reach their own financial independence. He worked his way through college by managing his parents’ restaurant. In 1991, Jeff decided to serve his country during the Gulf War and Operation Desert Storm. He entered the United States Air Force and served four years while completing his college education at Wayland University in Lubbock, Texas.

Jeff started out in 1997 working for a large financial firm. He quickly moved up the ranks to become a manager of the office. In 2000, he opened his own business, and he has proudly remained an independent financial professional for nearly two decades. To Jeff, the best part of being independent is his ability to work honestly and earnestly for his clients, not a company. He strives to provide high-quality service to his clients by staying informed and continuing his education.

Jeff is passionate about the work he does at Everson Wealth Management and believes with the right strategy in place, clients can achieve financial independence in retirement, free from concerns about outliving their income. Jeff is a firm believer and advocate for clients expecting more from their financial professionals and is determined to improve the industry by setting the bar high with his service, as well as informing the public on what they should expect from their financial professionals.

Jeff aims to always serve his clients with a higher level of professionalism. He stays plugged in to current events and market conditions so he can be an invaluable asset and paint a realistic picture of how market changes might affect his clients. Success is built on strong relationships formed by dedication and open communication, which allows Jeff to be very open with his clients.

Family is very important to Jeff, and he enjoys spending time with his two daughters. He also loves hitting the lake on his boat, golfing and working with local charities.

Phone: (405) 288-1178