Gene Blessing

Gene Blessing

Many Financial Professionals (FP) carry the same financial tools in their toolboxes. Never let the expensive “brokerage types” convince you that they have solutions no one else does. I was on that side of the business for years and not only didn’t have any “secret formula,” I had less options than what I’ve had for years as an Independent FP. I also utilize the best solutions across the industry vs. the limited, proprietary products of a brokerage firm.

What sets me apart is (1) my knowledge and experience throughout many different types of economies and markets; (2) my ability to ask the right questions, listen and dig deep to find out what clients want and/or need, and (3) custom tailor a solution, unique to a client’s goals and objectives.

In close to 25 years of working with thousands of clients, I can honestly say that I’ve never “sold” a product. My goal is to work closely with clients to build the best solutions, which will become quite clear to both of us. Please take a look at this shortened version of my “5 Core Philosophies” to see if it aligns with how you feel about all or part of your assets:

  • Sleep easier at night knowing that no matter what happens day to day, you will never lose any money.
  • Work with somebody you like and respect, who takes the time to explain the options and strategies in a simple, understandable way and is there for you as your advocate, from Day One.
  • It is much more important to you to eliminate or significantly reduce the downside than it is to maximize the upside, especially with the risks inherit in chasing big gains.
  • Create an income stream, that can include (unlike a pension) increasing payments, to beat inflation AND that you can never outlive.
  • Given astronomical long term care costs, a solution that can provide more enhanced income, for no fee, is important if not critical.

Let Annuity Architects and Blessing Wealth & Health create a plan for you and your family which serves to eliminate risk, participate in market upside, provide for a lifetime income that you can’t outlive, provide significant LTC benefits if needed, while still leaving a gift to family or charity in most cases.

Together, let’s build that present and future plan to address your most important concerns, needs and wants.

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