About Annuity Architects

Annuity Architects is an income planning firm dedicated to helping people worry less about their retirement savings, retirement income, and all of the unknowns during these unprecedented times in our country. Imagine knowing exactly what your retirement income would be, guaranteed for the rest of your life, regardless of how long you live even if you run out of money. Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, it isn’t if you use products that have been around for hundreds of years: annuities.

Comparing Annuities For Retirement

Not all annuities are created equal, and we help sort through the clutter by utilizing comprehensive software that compares over 1,000 annuity products based on your situation. Annuities are sometimes misunderstood, and they are not right for every person in every situation. But they do have a place in many retirees portfolio’s. We offer a free, no-obligation review of your retirement objectives to see if annuities might work for you. We have helped tens of thousands of customers place billions into annuities in the last decade.

Retirement Planning Made Simple With Annuity Architects

Steven R. DeJohn

Founder and managing partner of Annuity Architects, Steve has worked with countless boomers and retirees for the last 20 plus years. He’s a frequent speaker on the topic of annuities and retirement planning. He’s been featured on the Cover of Senior Market Advisor Magazine and Retirement Advisor Magazine as an expert in Annuity recommendations. He has been on ESPN, WBBM, WGN, WIND and Sirius XM radio for years educating consumers on the benefits of Annuities. His client-first mentality has brought him to the top of the industry.

Michael S. Dressander

Mike is a managing partner of Annuity Architects. Mike’s a 38-year insurance industry veteran and has served on the advisory board of many different insurance companies, helping them design products to serve the needs of America’s retirees. Mike is also the Vice president of the Federation of Americans for Consumer Choice, an organization whose sole purpose is to keep insurance products, namely annuities, a viable option for all Americans.

Annuity Architects Nationwide Associate Network

Annuity Architects is made up of a network of highly qualified Annuity professionals from around the country. These professionals have been personally screened by Steve and Mike and they pass all of the highest standards to be members of the Annuity Architects network. They can help you with your retirement planning goals.